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Welcome to Unified People's Federal Credit Union’s home on the internet. We’ve designed this website to help our Members and others learn more about UPFCU and their own finances.



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How to Balance your Checkbook

You should balance your check register to your monthly UPFCU statement as soon as possible after receiving the statement by following these steps:

  1. Update your check register by checking off any transactions that are listed on your statement. If there are any transactions on your statement that are not in your check register, insert those.
  2. Using a reconciliation form, start by entering the ending balance from the statement.
  3. Add to the ending balance any deposits from your register that were not on the statement.
  4. Next, subtract all withdrawal transactions (drafts, ATM withdrawals, fees) from your register that were not on the statement.
  5. This amount should equal the ending balance in your check register.